June upgrades for MyAmesto

  • New descriptive work package states
  • Smooth work packages state transitions
  • Enhanced work packages flow
  • New design for work packages in chat feed
  • Enhanced design in work packages details page
  • Enhanced design for work packages comments, files and todos list
  • Descriptive naming for work packages
  • Bug fixing for duplicated name in work packages name on prepopulation


Further new upgrades April

First NPS-survey and minor bug fixes:

  • Admin NPS-schedule
  • NPS-enhancements
  • Email-notification on NPS-score
  • Bug 994: Todo list in work package cover files
  • Bug 1017: Not possible to upload several files on GDPR


April spring release

Upgrades and Bug Fixes:

  • Custom notification settings page
  • Channel leader icon in chat feed
  • New NPS question design
  • NPS download excel sheet
  • Update notification settings for email list
  • Bug 997: fixing work package notification due
  • Bug 1020: Parent company view for Amesto admin is wrong


Further new upgrades for MyAmesto

Upgrades and Bug Fixes:

  • Notifications for unread comments and messages
  • Enabled work packages files archiving and restoring
  • Uploading several files for work packages simultaneously
  • Task deadline email notification bug fix
  • Bug fix for work package trigger on holidays
  • Fixing MyAmesto links in email templates


March new upgrades for MyAmesto

New Features:

  • Company GDPR
  • Bulk Messages
  • Amesto Business Channel


January new upgrades for MyAmesto

New improvements:

Work-packages release:

  • New Work-Package design
  • Automatic scroll to the latest messages in chat-feed
  • Some minor bug fixes.


January upgrades for MyAmesto

This update contains some new improvements and bug fixes:

Redesigned company home page for fast loading counters
Notification email adjustments
Different languages for NPS question
“View NPS report” permission when adding users
Show Portfolio column in my companies table

Bug fixes:
Bug: Already existing channels
Bug: Not able to edit task
Bug: Formatting splits text in chat feed
Bug: Not visible for customer that a company is portfolio
Bug: Companies never finish loading
Bug: Customer admin missing “+” sign


October upgrades for MyAmesto(2)

This update contains some new functionality and improvements:

File upload size
The maximum file upload size is upgraded from 15MB to 100MB.

It is now possible to edit messages in the chat-feed with useful tools. This will help create more informative and elegant conversations between users. We have also added tool tips.

Improved options for sorting
Companies may now be sorted by age in the home page.

Company structure tree
A company structure tree view is now available in both the home page and the company list.

Other upgrades:

Files backup to Norway East & West

New design for email templates that includes MyAmesto logo


Some improvements have been added

Multi line editor

The message editor will now show multiple lines. We plan to add more functionality to this editor later.

Warning message When deleting content

When deleting messages and files, the user will be warned that the action cannot be reversed. Only Amesto admin will be able to retrieve the deleted content within the retention period.

Fixed bug in work package counter

Work packages will now appear on the correct team based on the work package status. Fixed bug when clicking enter many times Fixed some missing translations.


Bug fixes

This update contains a few bug fixes:

File upload

Some users experienced a problem uploading multiple files from some parts of the system.

Profile picture

We didn't support some file formats. Files on archived tasks wasn't visible When opening an archived task, related files was not shown. Files could be found by searching archived files.The problem is fixed, so that files are visible in archived tasks directly.

Sorting of company list

All headers can now be clicked to sort the list Nordic characters in email templates Nordic characters are now supported.

File download

Some users experienced problems downloading files for a short while. We have improved our implementation to avoid this problem.

New feature

Tree view Tree view can now be selected in company view on admin page.