Customer Portal specific information on Security.

Doing business in a way that both customers and employees can trust and rely on is key to Amesto. You will find specific information related to our Customer Portal below. Also visit Amesto Trust Center for more information on security, privacy and compliance.


The Amesto customer portal is hosted on Microsoft Azure within the EU.

Azure provides strong functionality for backup. In addition we ensure backup to a secondary Azure datacenter regularly.

Data processed by Amesto customer portal are stated in the Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

Amesto complies to GDPR and national legislation. Accounting regulations regulates how long data must me stored in the portal.

Amesto customer portal do not require adding unnecessary personal information. Data are deleted automatically when the retention period has expired.

We use Auth0 as identity provider, which offers strong functionality for ensuring identity security. As a part of this we naturally provide 2FA.