Corporate services

Are you starting a business in Norway?

Our team can assist you in establishing your business in Norway. We can assist with incorporation your business, corporate secretarial services, domiciliation services, registration in the Register of Business Enterprises.


Corporate services.

We help you set up your business in Norway. We provide corporate services so you can spend time developing your business.





Incorporation Services

  • Acquisition of shelf company
  • Incorporation of LLC (AS)
  • Assisting with filing application form
  • Liaise with local tax and/or legal advisors
  • Application for D-Number
  • Assisting with establishing a bank account

Administrative and corporate secretarial services

  • Organisations of Board meetings
  • Prepare minutes in Norwegian and English
  • Providing secretarial services
  • Assistance with various corporate changes




Shareholders meetings

  • Organizing and holding Annual General Meetings Extraordinary shareholders meetings
  • Prepare notice of Annual General Meeting to shareholders
  • Prepare proxy
  • Prepare minutes of AGM in Norwegian and English
  • Hosting, preparing and finalizing the AGM of the client in Norway

Statutory records

Keeping in custody and updating the statutory corporate records in accordance with the requirements of Norwegian law.

  • Records according to Norwegian Limited Liability Act
  • Records according to Bookkeeping act
  • Keeping and maintaining the corporate books

Corporate income tax/annual financial statement/VAT

  • Annual tax returns assistance
  • Assistance with filing and signing the Tax return
  • Liaising with the company auditor and reviewing the draft return
  • VAT services
  • VAT support (i.e. VAT registration and regular VAT management)
  • Noway VAT

Shareholder register

  • Administration of shareholders register
  • Update the Register of Shareholders in event of changer of ownership
  • Annual report of Register of Shareholders (Altinn)



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