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Are you starting a business in Norway?

Our team can assist you in establishing your business in Norway. We can assist with incorporation of your business, corporate secretarial services, domiciliation services, registration in the Register of Business Enterprises.

We support international companies in their establishment in Norway

Corporate and professional services.

Are you going to start a business in Norway or are you going to have a department for your company here? We help you with establishment and start-up in our market. In addition to being able to assist with accounting, payroll and HR tasks, we can help you with incorporation and the necessary administrative support for starting a business. We can also give you advice on tax and VAT.


You will be more efficient with an experienced local team to help you get started. You can concentrate on your core business and become known in a new market.

Professional expertise.

Business and secretarial services in Norway are led by professionals who have many years of experience in advising companies in various industries and sectors. Our subject experts are financial advisors, payroll consultants and accountants who can also assist with incorporation and administrative support for business establishments that are new to the Norwegian market.

get an EFFICIENT business operation

We can help you with this.

Domiciliation (Registered Adress) services

  • Facilitate services
  • Mail handling services
  • Administrative services 
  • Domiciliation services

Corporate income tax/annual financial statement/VAT

  • Annual tax returns assistance
  • VAT services

Administrative and corporate secretarial services

  • Board Meetings
  • Shareholders Meetings
  • Organizing and holding the Annual General Meetings of Shareholders
  • Organizing and holding Extraordinary shareholders meetings

Incorporation Services

  • Acquisition of shelf company
  • Incorporation of LLC (AS)
  • Additional services

Statutory records

  • Records according to Bookkeeping act
  • Records according to Norwegian Limited Liability act
  • Keeping and maintaining the corperate books

Shareholder register

  • Administration of shareholders register
  • Update the Register of Shareholders in event of changer of ownership
  • Annual report of Register of Shareholders (Altinn)
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Domiciliation services.

  • Providing the registered address of the Client entity at c/o Amesto local entity address
  • Translation of received correspondence or supervisory bodies
  • Follow-up and communication with Norwegian Authorities
  • Facilitate company meetings, locations, printing services, food etc.
  • Host board meetings or other business meetings

Nordic accounting

Our Accountants have many years of experience of dealing with financial accounts with large corporate entities and small businesses in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We work to ensure your financial operations are managed efficiently and your financial reporting is transparent, up-to-date and accurate.

Nordic payroll

We can assist in managing all your Nordic Payroll needs, ensuring that you are fully compliant and that your payroll is processed accurately and on time. With payroll consultancy teams across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, we offer the entire Nordic market through one single point of contact.

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